The influence of the moon on our yoga practice, myth or reality?

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Written by Mylene C.

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October 28, 2023

On this full moon day, the desire to share some theories on the lunar cycle and its effects on our body and our emotions is great. In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, the daily practice of postures (asanas) follows the rhythm of the lunar cycle. I will explain to you why these ideas are put forward.

What scientists say

As we know, the moon influences the tides on our planet. The moon, sun and Earth are connected by a gravitational force, which acts as a driving force on the surface waters on Earth. The phases of the moon represent the different relative positions of these three stars. Depending on the location and rotation of the moon in relation to the sun and the Earth, different types of tides are observed. However, according to many beliefs, it seems that the moon also has an influence on our body and our emotions.

Although most scientific research on the subject indicates that there are few real effects of the moon on human beings. This impression is actually based on the combination of a strong tradition and powerful cognitive biases. It is true that believing in it can bring us great comfort and give us reassuring explanations for our monthly storms.

The full moon influences the practice of yoga

Although scientists claim that the moon has minimal effect on our bodies, one thing is certain, the moon influences the practice of yoga all over the world. Here is what adherents of this belief say.

Harmonize with the full moon

The practice of yoga is a way of harmonizing with the nature that surrounds us. Ashtanga is a style of yoga that is practiced daily. However, on new moon and full moon days, practitioners of this tradition rest. This allows harmonization between the mental and the physical. The Ashtanga Yoga method is therefore a true experience of connection with one’s environment and concordance with one’s environment. In Ashtanga Yoga, you must follow a lunar cycle of 29 days. we must rely on the synchronization of breathing movements and postures, to allow the achievement of inner peace. It is truly a meditation in movement. This practice can help reduce stress and anxiety in our daily lives. By focusing on the present moment it helps us find deep inner peace.

By tuning in to the phases of the moon, it is possible to improve the balance between our body and our emotions. Which has a positive impact on our mental and physical health. Indeed, yoga is a holistic approach that offers self-care. Overall, it takes breathing, concentration and meditation.

Breathe better

By adapting your yoga practice with the cycle of the moon, we can better understand the energetic variations of our being. It is important to understand that the full moon corresponds to the end of inspiration. It offers intense energy. It can also cause a loss of anchoring and emotional imbalance. Imagine a balloon filled with helium. We fill up with fresh air which gives us a feeling of strength and confidence. We feel more energetic and creative. This new energy makes us want to embark on all kinds of projects, often ones more eccentric than the others. Indeed, during the full moon, our body may be more sensitive and our mind more agitated.

On the other hand, the new moon is associated with the end of exhalation. It provides a calmer and gentler energy on the body, while promoting reflection and self-awareness. This is the ideal opportunity to pamper yourself, question yourself and take care of yourself. We need more rest and relaxation to regenerate. This day is a good time for a yin yoga practice. It is also a time when our ideas will be clearer.

The benefits of practicing to the rhythm of the moon

It is therefore possible to adjust your yoga practice according to these two phases of the moon, in order to make the most of the energetic benefits. Adapting your yoga practice with the moon cycle offers a multitude of benefits. First of all, it allows us to better understand the energies around us. We can use them to our advantage to manage the fluctuations in our body and mind. By understanding these periods, we can adapt our yoga practice accordingly, to make the most of each lunar phase. In addition, this technique allows us to connect with nature and find inner peace, thus significantly improving our quality of life.

The simple act of remaining attentive to the different transitions of the moon, listening to our feelings or following our feminine cycle, can help us in our daily decisions. This can reduce our stress and anxiety. It can also improve our quality of sleep and increase our energy and vitality.

In short, followers of this belief believe that by practicing yoga in harmony with the lunar cycle, we can achieve a higher level of physical and mental well-being. We would also develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our environment.

No matter your belief

The belief in the impact of the moon on yoga practice is a subject of debate. Some people believe that lunar phases, like the full moon, can impact energy and state of mind. This could potentially influence yoga practice. However, there is no solid scientific evidence to support these beliefs. The practice of yoga is primarily based on principles of meditation, breathing and movement.

If you feel that the full moon or other lunar phases have an effect on your yoga practice, your body and your emotions, this may be a personal matter related to your sensitivity.. Deep down, our beliefs comfort us and guide us to help us feel better everyday. The important thing is that your yoga practice helps you reduce your stress and improve your well-being. And this is scientifically proven!

And you, what do you think ? Does the moon influence your yoga practice?

Explain its effects to us in the comments.


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