Solo travel: how to reassure loved ones?

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Written by Manon Robert

October 30, 2023

Going on a solo trip as a woman is a very rewarding adventure. However, in the eyes of those close to us, this is often seen as a risky experience. But then, how can you reassure your loved ones when you decide to travel alone?

Prepare your loved ones well before leaving on a solo trip

How to tell your loved ones about going on a solo trip?

Announcing your departure on a solo trip to your loved ones can be delicate. We often fear their reaction. Will they support you, or on the contrary panic about your project?

To put all the chances on your side, here are 2 tips for announcing your departure with complete peace of mind:

  1. Favor face to face or telephone. This will allow you to transmit emotions, to show your enthusiasm and your determination towards your solo travel project. If you are sure of yourself, it will be reassuring for your loved ones!
  2. Announce your departure to your loved ones at a time when they will have time to discuss it. This way, you will be able to answer their various questions. You will be able to show them that you are sufficiently prepared for this challenge.

Involve loved ones in organizing the trip

Organizing a trip takes time. The best way to reduce your loved ones’ worries is to involve them in planning your trip. Don’t hesitate to ask them from the start and tell them about your objectives. Which countries do you want to visit? How do you plan to get around there? What types of accommodation will you stay in? What financing solutions have you planned for the trip? The more you inform them of your intentions, the less worried they will be. Show your loved ones that you are capable of traveling alone. Little by little, you will succeed in getting them to accept your solo travel plan.

Train your loved ones with all the communications tools.

If your loved ones are stressed at the thought of seeing you leave alone, teach them to master the different communication tools. This way, they will be able to communicate with you easily, no matter where you are in the world.

Here are some useful apps:

  • Whatsapp: to send messages and call each other even with a weak network
  • Facebook & Instagram: to share your photos and travel experiences
  • Polarsteps: to share your route

Facing objections from loved ones

Your loved ones may have several objections to your solo travel plan. In order to show them that you are responsible and well prepared, you will need to find out as much information as possible before leaving. You will find lots of information on travel blogs. Take the time to do your research to reassure your loved ones.

Staying healthy during your solo trip

The most important thing during your solo trip is of course health. If you are going for several months, you will need to take out travel insurance. You can also ask your loved ones to help you choose it.

Don’t hesitate to check out these comparisons:

Then, it is essential to do a complete check-up before leaving. Make an appointment with your general practitioner, but also with your dentist, because these costs are often poorly covered by insurance abroad. If you are taking special treatment, make sure you can bring enough medication for the duration of your solo trip, or that you can find it abroad.

Finally, depending on the destinations you have chosen, check if certain vaccines are necessary.

Here are the official sites to find out about vaccines when traveling:

Manage your solo travel budget well

Money is the crux of the matter and it is also one of the biggest worries your loved ones will have. No choice, you’ll have to budget. This is an important step for those around you, but also for yourself. Finding yourself short of money on the other side of the world is no one’s dream. By preparing your budget carefully, you will also have more peace of mind during your solo trip.

To help you calculate your budget by country, you can use the a-contresens planner. It’s a free online tool that allows you to both create your travel itinerary, but also manage and estimate your budget based on the countries where you want to travel.

Safety when traveling solo

A woman who goes on a trip alone scares people. Your loved ones will inevitably be worried about your safety, because you are a woman.

Here are some tips to reassure everyone:

  • Join Facebook groups and read stories from women who have already traveled to the countries you want to go to. Perhaps your loved ones have already been to certain countries, or know friends who could reassure them?
  • Ask advice from friends or friends of friends who have already gone abroad alone.

In fact, you will have to show them that lots of women go alone every year and prove to them that everything went well.

You can also mention all the precautions you plan to take on site. For example, not storing all your money and credit cards in one place, or how you will hide your important documents.

Ultimately, people with bad intentions are everywhere. It doesn’t matter which countries you decide to visit. It would be a mistake to fall into paranoia. By being vigilant and prepared for certain situations, everything will be fine.

Solo travel: a rewarding experience

And your future then? Have you thought about it? What are you going to do when you get back? Unemployed ? No flat ? Well, it’s never easy.

However, travel abroad is now valued by employers. You develop your autonomy and your spirit of initiative. You learn to manage a budget on a daily basis and to adapt in all circumstances. These are all qualities that can be highlighted during a job interview. Then, you can anticipate your return by sending CVs before returning from your solo trip.

Next, have a comeback plan. Have you budgeted extra for accommodation while you wait to find a job? Can someone accommodate you for a while?

Finally, if the subject of retirement comes up on the table and it surely will, don’t hesitate to give your opinion. Are we really going to receive a pension one day? Living your life to the fullest when you are in good health, wouldn’t that ultimately be the ultimate goal?

Keeping in touch with loved ones during the solo trip

The best way to reassure your loved ones during your solo trip is to keep in touch with them.

To do this, you could share your route via an application like polarsteps. The app’s travel tracker will trace your route in real time. You can also create steps with images and a description of what you are experiencing. A bit like a connected travel diary. Your loved ones will be able to follow you, this will reassure them, and as a bonus, you will have a great souvenir of your solo trip. You can even create a photo album at the end of your trip.

Also remember to keep them informed of the major stages of your trip. For example, when you leave one place or region and arrive in another. If you take the lead, this will help you avoid unwanted messages that could spoil your experience.

Likewise, anticipate times when you will not have a network or wifi. They are warned, so they will not worry about the lack of news for several days or weeks.

Finally, remember to give news from time to time. A little message or photos that show that everything is going well, that you are thriving and that you are not alone. Yes, because in reality, a solo traveler is never alone! You will meet lots of beautiful people along the way. This is also the magic of travel.

So, are you ready to announce your departure to your loved ones? Don’t panic, it will be fine. Going on a solo trip is a unique experience through which you will discover incredible countries, but more importantly, you will get to know yourself.


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