Happiness is Movement

I realize that each time I’m out of my Comfort Zone,
I bloom.

Why I create Ashtangi Nomad Blog ?

Since 2008, travel and yoga are th roots of my life.

Ashtangi Nomad is more than a blog – it’s your ultimate guide to the yoga and mindfulness havens I’ve discovered around the world. Immerse yourself in this virtual space where yogic wisdom mixes with practical advice, allowing you to cultivate your daily well-being independently.

My Goal ? Facilitate your search for the perfect places to refocus, wherever you are on this planet.

About Me…

Digital Nomad Yogini. High sensitive and perfectionist.


Where I’am from ?

I’am a Freelance Digital Nomad
I’am a Passionate, introverted, dreamer, with strong intuition and an open mind, I excel in problem solving and I Bloom whenever
I’am out of my Comfort Zone. In September 2022, I left everything in Quebec to start my own Business and since then, I have been a Solo traveller, around the world.

With more than 2 decades of Experiences as a Graphic Designer
and Project Manager,
I’am now Content Creator for Mindfulness Professionals.
Multipotential, I’m a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Writer and Web Designer.
I’m also a Certificated Yoga Teacher.

I’m a Yogini
Each morning is a dance with the fresh air, a deep inhale followed by a calming exhale, a symphony of Focus. My love for Ashtanga yoga guides my daily practice, a stimulating morning routine that explores the recesses of my inner being, calming the tumult of my mind.

I’m a High Sensitive Traveler.
I left to discover the beauty. I need to see what the world had the best to offer. I want to be touched by the kindness and generosity of people,
as I was, in Nepal and restore my faith in humanity. I want to cry in front of the immensity of the sunsets, as it was the case, on the Koh Tao’s Island. Smell the smells of a street full of history, like those where I walked in Bhaktapur, or feel tiny by the majesty of the mountains, like on Lombok’s Island. I want to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves or into the silence of a desert. I would like my eyes to be dazzled by all these little details they can experience. I want all my senses to be awake,
in each of my discoveries.

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My Values



Happiness is Movement

I believethathuman should always be in movement. Movement of the body and the mindto feelgood everyday.


Action is the fundamental key to success

Ibelieve that to act is giving yourself the power of finding back your inner light and free yourself of the mental weight that lives in you.


Get lost, to find yourself better

I believe that every idea, action and decision taken have to be implemented to reconnect with yourself.


Thrive by helping others grow

I believe it is important to work with local resources, reducing the environmental footprint, while contributing to the well-being of individuals in the community.