Ashtanga Count

Ashtanga Yoga is a counted system in which each breath and coordinated movement are carefully tracked. This count results from vinyasa (coordinated breathing/movement) of each posture (asana) – each posture is associated with an ideal number of inhalations and exhalations to enter and exit the posture. Traditionally, these vinyasa are counted in Sanskrit.

Why do you have to count?

There are a few good reasons why counting helps the practice of Ashtanga yoga:

    • It is a valuable tool for correctly learning the sequence of movements;
    • This helps keep the pace going;
    • This encourages the mind to maintain focusand helps us stay focused;
    • This allows you to determine where you stand in practice;
    • As we pronounce the count in Sanskrit, It brings you back to the original essence of yoga.

Here is a counting table that will help you in your practice.