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Written by Mylene C.

Entrepreneure nomade. Yogini. Hypersensible et perfectionniste.

May 11, 2023

Is this your first time on the blog?

Hi! I’m Mylène, I am:
Digital Nomad Yogini. Hypersensitive, perfectionist and a heart full of dreams.

I’am a Freelance Digital Nomad

Passionate, introverted, dreamer, with strong intuition and an open mind, I excel in problem solving so that I flourish every time I step out of my comfort zone. In September 2022, I left everything in Quebec to start my own business and have been traveling solo ever since.
I am a Digital Nomad.

I’m a Yogini

Every morning, I take the time to breathe in the fresh air and breathe out the warm air. Ashtanga yoga is part of my life. This complex word implies that every morning, I practice the same yoga routine, a little arduous, contorting myself to better see my insides and calm my mind.
I am a yogini.

I’m a High Sensitive Traveler.

Set out to discover beauty. I need to see what the world had the best to offer. I want to be touched by the kindness and generosity of people, as I was, in Nepal and restore my faith in humanity. I want to cry in front of the immensity of the sunsets, as it was the case, on the Koh Tao’s Island. Smell the smells of a street full of history, like those where I walked in Bhaktapur, or feel tiny by the majesty of the mountains, like on Lombok’s Island. I want to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves or into the silence of a desert. I would like my eyes to be dazzled by all these little details, with their fabulous reflections. I want all my senses to be awakened with each of my discoveries.
I am a highly sensitive traveler.

I’m a perfectionist octopus

Graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, project manager and editor, I am also certified in yoga teaching. I have over twenty years of experience in the wonderful world of printed communications. I support everyone I work with with kindness and I have a good eye for small details. Imposter syndrome comes easily to me, because I have the deep conviction that we can always do better.
I am a perfectionist octopus.

Here I will write about my travels, focusing on yoga, mindfulness and well-being. I will present to you my challenges and my tips, as a nomadic entrepreneur. You will be able to discover what my eyes saw, what my heart loved and what I was touched by, throughout my adventures. I will take you to my favorite places, through my different destinations, where I will meditate and practice some asanas.

I mentioned that I want to discover beauty, however it’s the same thing here because we are in a positive, open and tolerant blog! My articles will sometimes be romanticized and coated in whipped cream, sometimes raw with a touch of bitterness. If for some reason my comments offend you, come and discuss it with me, my intentions are benevolent!

PremièFirst time on the blog, welcome!


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