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Ashtangi Nomad Blog - Indriya Retreat
Ashtangi Nomad Blog - Indriya Retreat
inside a tent at Indriya Retreat

My last visit: 12 Oct, 2023

A Sanctuary for Inner Reflection

Oh! How good it is to be at the Indriya meditation center in Koh Phangan. This place of silence is perfect for finding yourself. The daily hustle and bustle dissipates, giving way to a sensory experience where each moment is both a challenge and a warm embrace. How all our senses suddenly find themselves in turmoil, in this safe, caring space, sheltered from the outside world and its incessant tumults.

Here, no cell phones, no technology or even toilet paper! Only you, facing yourself, because modern distractions fade away, giving way to a deep reconnection with yourself. This refined sanctuary is ideal for relearning to feel the audacity of the wind on your skin, listen to the murmur of insects and taste the flavor of each daily food. To slow down.

Please note that it is possible to visit the Indria center for a day, only if you have not already participated in an intense meditation retreat. For a prescribed period of 10 days, I absolutely advise you to live the Vipassana retreat experience. Then, I suggest that you come back to meditate as often as possible in this peaceful and inexpensive haven.

A moment that will undoubtedly upset you, but which will be beneficial for calming the fluctuations in your mind. If you need a break, Indriya Retreat will satisfy you. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge, even if it’s intense, you will come out feeling stronger and calmer. Guided by the teachings of Anthony Markwell, the mischievous Buddhist monk, you may find answers to your many questions here.

Available on site...
  • Accommodation in a tent or Rustic Cabin
  • Food is provided

This Space will…

  • be beneficial for your inner well-being. 90% 90%
  • bring you physical tranquility. 77% 77%
  • promote your mental balance. 88% 88%
What I like about Indriya Retreat

Buddhist teachings

Wildlife sounds

The large bright room

Price range :

Yoga styles offered:

  • Vipassana Meditation