Yoga Vibe Brossard

Photo of a man in upward dog pose in yoga
A group of Yogis holding a diploma at Yoga Vibe
Yoga Vibe Studio

My last visit:

Yoga Vibe Brossard is my sanctuary!

From my first visit, I was seduced by an enchanting place where yoga and well-being intertwine harmoniously: Yoga Vibe Brossard. Let me share with you my experience in this haven of peace.

The Beginning of an Enriching Adventure

Since its opening in 2017 by the friendly Victor, Yoga Vibe Brossard has stood out as a place of authentic renewal. Here, ego has no place on the mat, which creates a welcoming and caring atmosphere. Over the years, the studio has carved out a place of choice in the neighborhood. The expansion of the team of owners, notably Sabrina and then Caroline, has enriched the experience.

Authenticity in Every Corner

The studio exudes authenticity. With its sober and neat decor, it offers an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and concentration. As soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed with hot tea and soothing music. The walls decorated with beautiful photos, taken by Victor himself, add a personal touch to the space.

A Diversified Offer

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Yoga Vibe Brossard offers a wide range of classes suitable for all levels. From gentle and restorative yoga classes to dynamic vinyasa sessions, including Mélissa’s fluid and powerful flows, you will definitely find a practice that suits you. Without forgetting the Ashtanga classes with
Ari Papas, my favorites!

Des Événements Enrichissants

In addition to regular classes, the studio regularly hosts workshops and special events. Yoga retreats, meditation classes, wellness conferences and teacher trainings. The possibilities are endless to enrich your practice and connect with other enthusiasts.

A Caring Community

What touches me most about Yoga Vibe Brossard is the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere that reigns there. The teachers, competent and passionate, transmit their positive energy to each session. And what about the thought cards at reception, which add a touch of humor and reflection to each visit!

In conclusion…

If you are looking for a refuge where yoga rhymes with authenticity and quality, look no further than Yoga Vibe Brossard. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this place and let your mind blossom to the rhythm of your breathing.

Available on site...
  • Yoga equipment (Block, Mat…)
  • Changing rooms with showers and lockers
  • Parking
  • Boutique

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  • Your Heart 87% 87%
  • Your Body 85% 85%
  • Your Mind 79% 79%
What I like about Yoga Vibe Brossard

Ari’s Ashtanga classes!

Cards and books available at reception

We leave our ego aside

Price range :

Yoga styles offered:

  • Vinyasa
  • Yin
  • Ashtanga

Sukūn Studio

Sukūn Studio
Sukūn Studio
Sukūn Studio

My last visit:

An Oasis of Serenity

My experience at Sukūn studio in Montreal

In search of calm and harmony, I recently ventured into the magnificent Sukūn studio in Montreal. Recommended by a friend, from the first steps I took in this space, I was enveloped by an atmosphere imbued with softness and comfort, a true oasis in the heart of the Rosemont district.

Warm welcome and calming atmosphere

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by Joelle with remarkable kindness. The Sukūn studio staff are distinguished by their human warmth and attention to detail, creating a friendly and reassuring atmosphere.

Spaces inviting to relaxation

The different spaces of the studio, imbued with tranquility, offer a variety of options to fully recharge your batteries. Whether in the spacious and cozy practice room, imbued with soft light, or in the carefully furnished relaxation area, every corner of the studio invites relaxation and connection with oneself. I really loved the atmosphere! I was even tempted by a pretty bracelet, on sale there.

A holistic approach to Yoga

At the heart of the Sukūn experience is a holistic approach to yoga, focusing on physical, mental and emotional well-being. Classes are designed with particular attention to alignment, breathing and meditation, allowing everyone to find their inner balance. I took gentle aerial yoga classes there, focusing on the support that the hammock can provide. I also took some Yin lessons which challenged me. What can we say about Lynn’s Ashtanga class which probably appears to be the only one to offer a guided practice in the neighborhood, a real gem!

Inspiring and caring teachers

The faculty of the Sukūn studio are distinguished by their expertise, their passion and their kindness. Their attentive guidance and constant encouragement allowed me to deepen my practice while respecting my limits and my needs.

Conclusion: An essential urban retreat

Overall, my visits to the Sukūn studio were truly enriching experiences. A perfect, gentle break for my return to Montreal. Between the warm welcome, the soothing atmosphere and the holistic approach to yoga, this place perfectly embodies an urban retreat where you can recharge your batteries and reconnect with yourself. I highly recommend this haven of peace to all those seeking well-being and harmony in their daily lives.

Available on site...
  • Yoga equipment (Block, Mat…)
  • Toilets for changing
  • Boutique with pretty items

This space will gently fill…

  • Your Heart 84% 84%
  • Your Body 79% 79%
  • Your Mind 77% 77%
What I like about Sukūn Studio

A soft and bright decor

Aerial Yoga classes

A cozy and zen atmosphere

Price range :

Yoga styles offered:

  • Aerial yoga
  • Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa
  • Yin

One Breath of Yoga

3 hammocks suspended in the One Breath of Yoga class
Entrance gate to One breath of Yoga, a large steel barrier with a spider web design
The swimming pool in the One Breath of Yoga class

My last visit:

An oasis in the heart of the Mexican jungle

If you feel the need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while, this is the place for you. Because at One Breath of Yoga in Puerto Morelos, you will find a haven of peace where you can transform yourself both physically and mentally. Located in the heart of the Mexican jungle, this unique space is yet easy to access, making it an ideal destination for a rejuvenating getaway.

A welcoming arrival

When I arrived in Puerto Morelos by bus from Cancun, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to find a taxi to take me to One Breath of Yoga. Once there, I was warmly welcomed by Coco and Michael, who showed me around with kindness and kindness. They showed me my room, the shared kitchen and the shala, making me feel immediately at ease.

An immersion in yoga

So much so that the next morning, at 6:45 a.m., I joined the group of yogis who were participating in the 300-hour Ashtanga and herbal medicine teacher training. Few schools offer the opportunity to obtain an Ashtanga certification in the tradition of Pattabhi Jois, so I consider myself lucky to have been able to find myself here at the same time as these passionate students.

Following two hours of intense Ashtanga Yoga practice and meditation, I was able to return to my spacious room and devote myself to my personal projects. I also really enjoyed the walks on the surrounding trails, where I could sometimes enjoy the coolness of a light breeze, sometimes the warmth of a still smoldering campfire.

Discovery and connection

After preparing my meal, I took a break in the afternoon to relax by the pool and interact with other yoga enthusiasts. The presence of this inspiring group was very motivating for me. Later, I borrowed a bike to go do some shopping in the city center, just 15 minutes away, where I discovered a typical neighborhood where everything was within easy reach.

This place truly offered me an enriching experience where I was able to recharge my batteries, connect with nature and share special moments with a community passionate about yoga. If you are looking for a place to find inspiration, tranquility and personal growth, One Breath of Yoga in Puerto Morelos is the perfect place for you.

Available on site...
  • Shared kitchen
  • Private accommodation
  • Pool
  • Bikes

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  • Your Heart 75% 75%
  • Your Body 80% 80%
  • Your Mind 72% 72%
What I like about One Breath of Yoga

The shala surrounded by nature

Coco’s welcome

The seriousness of Ashtanga practice

Price range :

Yoga styles offered:

  • Ashtanga

Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai

photo par Ashtangi Nomad. The facade of the Ananda Yoga studio in Chiang Mai
photo par Ashtangi Nomad. A close-up view of a yoga mat is seen inside the Ananda Yoga studio in Chiang Mai
A group of yogis on the floor at the Ananda Yoga studio Chiang Mai

My last visit:

A stretch of fire!

Yoga Ananda in Chiang Mai is a renowned yoga studio that offers a unique experience for yogis of all levels. I visited the studio during my last visit to Chiang Mai. Located in the heart of the city, on the ground floor of a large residential tower, this small studio is an oasis of calm where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with yourself .

During my visit to Yoga Ananda, I was impressed by the quality of the teaching and the calming and friendly atmosphere that reigned in the studio. The teachers were experienced, passionate and energetic and transmitted their knowledge with kindness and commitment. For 350THB (13 CAD), I did a flexibility class which I found dynamic and advanced, which I loved! And I paid cash directly on site. On the other hand, they offer varied courses that are accessible to everyone, even if you are a beginner. I particularly liked Kru Menny’s energy and humor.

The studio, often at full capacity, is bright and well equipped, with all the necessary equipment for comfortable practice. Yoga mats are provided on site and are of good quality. Yoga mats are provided on site and are of good quality.

The Ananda Chiang Mai Yoga community is warm and welcoming. Yogis meet here in a spirit of sharing and without pretension, which creates an inclusive atmosphere.

In conclusion, Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai is a nice studio where you can cultivate your body and do yourself good. Here you can nourish your yoga practice without restraint.

Available on site...
  • Yoga equipment (Block, Mat…)
  • Toilets for changing

This space will gently fill…

  • Your Heart 65% 65%
  • Your Body 85% 85%
  • Your Mind 55% 55%
What I like about Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai

Teachers all smiles

The location in the city

Kru Menny’s Full Body Stretching course

Price range :

Yoga styles offered:

  • Vinyasa
  • Yin

Wonderland Healing Center

Buffet du Wonderland Healing Center
piscine du Wonderland Healing Center
Banana Pancakes of Wonderland Healing Center

My last visit:

A dream week at Wonderland Healing Center in Koh Phangan

I had an amazing week at Wonderland Healing Center in Koh Phangan. It was a truly magical experience that I can’t wait to share with you.

An oasis of tranquility

As soon as I arrived, I was amazed by the peaceful and serene atmosphere that reigns in this center. My private room with kitchenette area was simply charming, with a private pool directly on the balcony offering stunning views of the surrounding lush nature.

Varied and inspiring courses

The classes offered were of great diversity, but it was especially the Ashtanga classes given by Antonio and Noemie that captivated my heart. Their passion and expertise allowed me to deepen my practice a little more.

Inspiring meetings

During my stay, I had the chance to meet extraordinary women with whom I immediately connected. We shared our experiences, our aspirations and our dreams, creating valuable bonds that last over time. I was so well accompanied!

Absolute relaxation

The pool at Wonderland Healing Center is simply magical. I spent many relaxing moments there, on my deck chair, letting my worries float away to the sound of the birds and the wind.
The hammam and ice water bath were also invigorating and revitalizing experiences. I love this kind of circuit!

Productivity and well-being

Thanks to reliable wifi, I was able to work on site while enjoying the calming atmosphere of the center. This allowed me to effectively reconcile my professional obligations with my personal well-being. A perfect combination!

Enriching exchanges

A women’s circle workshop was a particularly memorable experience for me. We were able to really talk without taboos about the menstrual cycle, femininity and reproductive health, thus creating a valuable space for sharing and support.

Gourmet pleasures

Oh, and how could I forget the delicious banana pancakes that have made all my breakfasts a success? They quickly became my guilty pleasure, and I’m sure you would love them too! I even kept the recipe!

In summary, my stay at Wonderland Healing Center was far beyond my expectations. It’s a place where wellness, spirituality and community come together to create a truly transformative experience. I can only recommend that you live this experience for yourself.

Available on site...
  • Yoga equipment (Block, Mat…)
  • Accommodation from dormitory to luxury room
  • Hammam
  • Ice water bath
  • Detox retreats
  • Massages and other treatments

This space will gently fill…

  • Your Heart 76% 76%
  • Your Body 85% 85%
  • Your Mind 91% 91%
What I like about Wonderland Healing Center

An all-inclusive retreat

A space in the middle of a lush forest

Delicious meals at the vegan buffet

Price range :

Yoga styles offered:

  • Vinyasa
  • Yin
  • Ashtanga