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My last visit: 1 Jul, 2022

A dream week at Wonderland Healing Center in Koh Phangan

I had an amazing week at Wonderland Healing Center in Koh Phangan. It was a truly magical experience that I can’t wait to share with you.

An oasis of tranquility

As soon as I arrived, I was amazed by the peaceful and serene atmosphere that reigns in this center. My private room with kitchenette area was simply charming, with a private pool directly on the balcony offering stunning views of the surrounding lush nature.

Varied and inspiring courses

The classes offered were of great diversity, but it was especially the Ashtanga classes given by Antonio and Noemie that captivated my heart. Their passion and expertise allowed me to deepen my practice a little more.

Inspiring meetings

During my stay, I had the chance to meet extraordinary women with whom I immediately connected. We shared our experiences, our aspirations and our dreams, creating valuable bonds that last over time. I was so well accompanied!

Absolute relaxation

The pool at Wonderland Healing Center is simply magical. I spent many relaxing moments there, on my deck chair, letting my worries float away to the sound of the birds and the wind.
The hammam and ice water bath were also invigorating and revitalizing experiences. I love this kind of circuit!

Productivity and well-being

Thanks to reliable wifi, I was able to work on site while enjoying the calming atmosphere of the center. This allowed me to effectively reconcile my professional obligations with my personal well-being. A perfect combination!

Enriching exchanges

A women’s circle workshop was a particularly memorable experience for me. We were able to really talk without taboos about the menstrual cycle, femininity and reproductive health, thus creating a valuable space for sharing and support.

Gourmet pleasures

Oh, and how could I forget the delicious banana pancakes that have made all my breakfasts a success? They quickly became my guilty pleasure, and I’m sure you would love them too! I even kept the recipe!

In summary, my stay at Wonderland Healing Center was far beyond my expectations. It’s a place where wellness, spirituality and community come together to create a truly transformative experience. I can only recommend that you live this experience for yourself.

Available on site...
  • Yoga equipment (Block, Mat…)
  • Accommodation from dormitory to luxury room
  • Hammam
  • Ice water bath
  • Detox retreats
  • Massages and other treatments

This Space will…

  • be beneficial for your inner well-being. 76% 76%
  • bring you physical tranquility. 85% 85%
  • promote your mental balance. 91% 91%
What I like about Wonderland Healing Center

An all-inclusive retreat

A space in the middle of a lush forest

Delicious meals at the vegan buffet

Price range :

Yoga styles offered:

  • Vinyasa
  • Yin
  • Ashtanga