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A group of Yogis holding a diploma at Yoga Vibe
Yoga Vibe Studio

My last visit: 18 Apr, 2024

Yoga Vibe Brossard is my sanctuary!

From my first visit, I was seduced by an enchanting place where yoga and well-being intertwine harmoniously: Yoga Vibe Brossard. Let me share with you my experience in this haven of peace.

The Beginning of an Enriching Adventure

Since its opening in 2017 by the friendly Victor, Yoga Vibe Brossard has stood out as a place of authentic renewal. Here, ego has no place on the mat, which creates a welcoming and caring atmosphere. Over the years, the studio has carved out a place of choice in the neighborhood. The expansion of the team of owners, notably Sabrina and then Caroline, has enriched the experience.

Authenticity in Every Corner

The studio exudes authenticity. With its sober and neat decor, it offers an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and concentration. As soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed with hot tea and soothing music. The walls decorated with beautiful photos, taken by Victor himself, add a personal touch to the space.

A Diversified Offer

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Yoga Vibe Brossard offers a wide range of classes suitable for all levels. From gentle and restorative yoga classes to dynamic vinyasa sessions, including Mélissa’s fluid and powerful flows, you will definitely find a practice that suits you. Without forgetting the Ashtanga classes with
Ari Papas, my favorites!

Des Événements Enrichissants

In addition to regular classes, the studio regularly hosts workshops and special events. Yoga retreats, meditation classes, wellness conferences and teacher trainings. The possibilities are endless to enrich your practice and connect with other enthusiasts.

A Caring Community

What touches me most about Yoga Vibe Brossard is the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere that reigns there. The teachers, competent and passionate, transmit their positive energy to each session. And what about the thought cards at reception, which add a touch of humor and reflection to each visit!

In conclusion…

If you are looking for a refuge where yoga rhymes with authenticity and quality, look no further than Yoga Vibe Brossard. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this place and let your mind blossom to the rhythm of your breathing.

Available on site...
  • Yoga equipment (Block, Mat…)
  • Changing rooms with showers and lockers
  • Parking
  • Boutique

This Space will…

  • be beneficial for your inner well-being. 87% 87%
  • bring you physical tranquility. 85% 85%
  • promote your mental balance. 79% 79%
What I like about Yoga Vibe Brossard

Ari’s Ashtanga classes!

Cards and books available at reception

We leave our ego aside

Price range :

Yoga styles offered:

  • Vinyasa
  • Yin
  • Ashtanga